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Our Stories

Get ready to be wowed! Dive into our success stories and see the magic happen!

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Our narrative is shaped by the collaborative interactions with our valued clients.

Each of our projects holds a heartfelt tale – from the journey of acquiring them to going the extra mile for completion. We pour our hearts into each, sharing equal pride with their founders.

ATP reunited Europe

ATP - Pressroom

ATP Architects Engineers stands as a distinguished client in the European region, ranking among the top 20 architectural firms globally. Established in Innsbruck in 1951, it boasts a rich history as a traditional architectural office.

We take great pride in our collaboration with this esteemed firm, offering our technological expertise to complement their work. Partnering with ATP has been a valuable learning experience for our team, as we observed their meticulous attention to detail and their clear and exceptional order of operations. Implementing systems for operation and user management has highlighted the importance of organizational clarity and a supportive culture quick look

Österreich betet gemeinsam

Österreich betet gemeinsam unites committed Christians from diverse denominations, believing in the transformative power of prayer to positively impact our nation. Supported by the “Path of Reconciliation” and the “Austrian Evangelical Alliance.

Österreich betet gemeinsam stands as ReUnited’s storytelling initiative. Amidst the challenges of the 2020 pandemic, we orchestrated online prayer events, coordinating prayer schedules and facilitating live sessions twice that year. Our dedication to seamless execution ensured meaningful connections in a time of global uncertainty. quick look

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glaube.at reunited

Glaube Digital

Glaube.at, an online media outlet, offers content on the Christian faith. Collaborating with IM International and partner organizations, it covers topics like “impulses” and “advice,” funded solely by donations. Glaube makes sure to publish and notify the most authentic information that connects to its audience.

Glaube appears to be a typical media platform, yet it serves as an extensive information dissemination portal. ReUnited has streamlined its intricate modules for both internal and external audiences. It includes a mini AI module for author identification, categorization, and tagging based on historical data, along with interactive notification functionality. quick look


National Insurance VimoSEWA Cooperative Ltd., promoted by SEWA, aims to offer social protection to informal sector women workers and families. It’s a standalone, multi-product, full-service insurance entity where women members are users, owners, and managers of all services.

We are proud to have developed software that ensures last-mile connectivity and engages remote regions of India effectively. VimoSEWA’s mobile application has been embraced by its members and is used daily. All insurance operations of VimoSEWA are now conducted through this software, facilitating policy creation to claim settlements seamlessly. This project stands as one of the most enduring endeavors undertaken by ReUnited. quick look

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